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Square in a Square Book by Jodi Barrows. (Also See Square in a Square Book, Ruler, & DVD Packages)

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Square in a Square Technique Reference Book is the main workbook for the Square in a Square system making it a "must have" book. Step-by-step cutting and sewing instructions for Options 1–18.

Instructions and detailed diagrams for 30 patterns, along with multiple sizing charts that will make figuring blocks in over 40 sizes a breeze!

Full color photos of finished quilts.

Also includes, Option sizing and variation charts, pattern adapting instructions and fabric measurement and figuring guide.

About the Author & Inventor of the Square in a Square Technique

Jodi Barrows is a nationally known quilting teacher, speaker and writer. She has been commissioned to compose quilts for many state and national organizations as well as working with the Kansas Historical Society. She has been active in guilds as well as owning several crafting and sewing related businesses over the years. Jodi was raised in Kansas, has 2 grown sons, and is married to Steve, her high school sweetheart.

She lives in the North Texas area. Over the past 20 years, Jodi has remarkable touched thousands of quilters throughout the world with her unique method called Square in a Square.