super 6 pkg marti michell perfect patchwork

Super Six is 4 Hexagons 6 Pkg, Six is Hexagons, Sets G, H, N, Both 60 Tri Rulrs, Hexagon Rlr

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Super Six is for Hexagons Vol 6 Package

  1. BK: Volume 6: Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Six is for Hexagons
  2. Set G: Perfect Patchwork Templates
  3. Set H: Perfect patchwork Templates
  4. Set N: Perfect Patchwork Templates for Minatures
  5. Small Easy 60° Equilateral Ruler
  6. Large Easy 60° Equilateral Ruler
  7. Hexagon Ruler

Use with Volume 6: Six is for Hexagons Unique to From Marti Michell Hexagon related templates/rulers is her measurements are based on the hexagon or triangle side measurement. NOTE: The side measurement is the ONLY consistent measurement for a Hexagon or Equilateral Triangle making the rulers and templates a perfect match.