superbobs 647 dark sage

SuperBOBs Brights dark-sage w/Bottomline Thread, L Style pre-wound bobbins by Superior Thread

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SuperBOBs are prewound cardboard sided bobbins with Bottom Line thread an innovative bobbin thread for sewing with all types of top thread including metallics and designer threads. Its' silk-like finish allows it to slide, not grab, to form the perfect stitch

NOTE: Prewound Bottom Line Bobbins (Style L) with cardboard sides for the sewing machine
Plastic Sides for hand appliqué

  • 118 Yards of bobbin of convenience is the name of the game with the Prewound Bottom Line bobbins and superior spooling from the bobbin case.
  • Bottom Line is an innovative bobbin thread for sewing with all types of top threads.
  • Thread is 60 wt / filament polyester per bobbin, 118 yds.

The thread is an excellent choice for quilting, bobbin, and appliqué thread.

The Bottom Line is an innovative 60 wt. bobbin thread
NOTE: the smaller the wt # the finer the thread.

  • 1,420 Yards, greater bobbin-fill capacity because it is a fine weight thread.
  • Imagine a bobbin thread that virtually disappears as the top thread and bobbin thread harmonize. NOTE: Matching colors, you can sew even the finest stitch without the bobbin thread showing.
  • Silk-like finish allows it to slide, not grab, to form the perfect machine stitch.
  • Lint-free, ultra-smooth surface prevents snagging and knotting.
  • Excellent to use with all types of top threads including metallics and designer threads.
  • Soft, fine thread prevents stiffness in embroidered designs.
    • Use for the smallest, most intricate designs

The Bottom Line Thread is an excellent weight for fine hand appliqué
NOTE: the smaller the wt # the finer the thread.

  • Smooth, even thread that is lint-free for an ultra-smooth surface that prevents snagging and knotting.
  • Thread disappears into the fabric resulting in perfect curves and sharp points.
  • Easy pull-through.
  • Wonderful variety of blending colors.
  • Fine 60 wt. filament polyester.
  • 1,420 Yards.
  • Lint free
  • Silk-like finish
  • Colorfast
  • Heirloom colors
  • Ideal for trapunto
  • Great for lace work

Bottom Line ALSO superb for heirloom sewing, fine lace work and intricate trapunto.

  • Heirloom sewing is enhanced by Bottom Lines' colorfast silk-like finish and heirloom colors
  • Ideal for trapunto