supreme slider for machine quilting

Supreme Slider (Free-Motion), Removes dreaded drag when machine quilting , Size: 8 in. x 11 in.

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New & Improved
Supreme Slider
In its old incarnation was called Free-Motion Slider
Removes the dreaded drag when machine quilting

MFG: LaPierre Studio LLC
Size: 8" x 11 1/2"
Made of Reusable Teflon

Noted authors and quilting teachers Diane Gaudynski and Joanie Zeier Poole give Supreme Slider "thumbs up!"

The amazing Free-Motion Supreme Slider makes the dreaded drag disappear! Your quilt sandwich will slide like water off a duck.

New and Improved!
Supreme Free Motion Slider�

  • The Supreme Slide™ is a 100% Teflon patented Zero Friction product and is guaranteed.
  • The Supreme Free Motion Slider pink underside "clings / grips" the machine bed and is easy to remove. Pink allows easy identification of which side to place down.
  • Easy Fit: Fits any machine and can be trimmed with scissors.
    • For the best results, the sewing machine needs the flat arm/bed extension to be on or inset in a cabinet.
  • Easy Clean: If the underside becomes "linty," just run it under cool water and allow it to dry.
  • Includes full-sized free quilting designs. (look right)

Just four EASY Steps to successful machine quilting!

  1. Attach the free-motion foot.
  2. Lower the feed dogs.
  3. Position the Supreme Slider with pink side down on the sewing bed with the needle centered in the pre-punched hole.
  4. Turn the handwheel to pull bobbin thread up through the hole