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2 Pack Syringe Set w/1 Tapered Tip & 1 Needle Tip, use w/paints, dyes, resists, glues

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2 Pack Syringe Set

1 Tapered Tip & 1 Needle Tip

Brand Name: Jacquard

The 2 pack syringe set, with two tip styles, 1 tapered tip and 1 needle tip, are the ideal tools for applying a precise amount of dye, paint or glue to your project. The needle tip, with an air tight cap, is perfect for thin liquids. The tapered tip syringe is best for thicker liquids.

The two distinct tip styles allow you to pick the best one for your application needs. Both styles have pre-sealed cutoff tips and see through barrels for visual dispensing. They are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

The 2 pack syringe set is totally functional with a multitude of product lines. For precision results, try the 2 pack syringe set with Jacquard Textile Paint Exciter Packages, Tsukineko All Purpose Inks, or Jones Tones Foil Adhesives.

Syringe & Tie-Dye process

Tie-dye example When working with a tie-dye process, using fiber-reactive dye, apply drop-by-drop with a syringe while the tied piece is held in a gloved hand. This enables rotation of the piece in three dimensions, using gravity to fine-tune control over the dye movement. The colors can be mixed to various shades by adding your dye right into the syringe. This offers unlimited color variation, as well as the ability to incorporate minute shade changes and techniques such as incremental shading.