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Author Signed Copy: Tangle-Inspired Botanicals, Exploring the Natural World Through Mindful, Expressive Drawing

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Tangle Inspired Botanicals by Sharla R. Hicks, CZT is 128 pages of inspiration that focuses on simple mark marking, repetitive patterning, familiar tangle strokes, and inspirational nature photography that invites mindful focus, relaxation, and creativity that helps you tap into your inner artist. Be inspired to dance with petals and leaves, expressive lines, shapes, and strokes that morph and evolve into curvaceous petals and blooms, patterned leaves, bending blades of grass, and Reeds & Weeds ... each dancing to your unique style of creative expression.

Tangle your way to botanical beauty with:

  • With thirty-six lessons, and more than 200 colorful illustrations, artworks, and inspirational photographs,

  • Instructive exercises that help grow your technique and understanding of visual vocabulary and design enhancements.

  • Simple strategies to ground your work and determine when your piece is finished.

  • Thoughtful explanations on when and how to add details such as frames, blackout, highlights, dots, orbs, outlines, teeny tiny betweens, shading, and more embellishments.

  • Sharla R. Hicks has been teaching creativity, design, and composition principles to artists for forty years and became a Certified Zentangle Teacher in 2011. She has fused a lifetime of art and textile and fiber art making into the daily practice of creating expressive tangle-inspired botanicals, a coalescence of mixed media and her love of floral and organic forms.

Table of Contents:

Set the Stage, Ergonomics of Drawing, Helpful Vocabulary, Pens and Paper

Find Your Rhythm with the Dancing Duo: Logic and Intuition Explore Botanical Lines, Strokes, and Patterns:

Find the tango of expressive botanicals and repetitive pattern. Tap into the rhythm of strokes, lines, shapes, curves, and the synergistic team dance of logic and intuition. Glide through the S and C curves with points, hooks, and spirals.

Working in a Series: Blending Tangles with Expressive Line and Nature.

Explore the jazz dance of expressive stylized botanicals that partner with Verdigogh, Mooka, weighted line, undulating marks, and more.

The Alchemy of Texture and Line Embellishment: Natural Textures and Patterns found in Nature Offer Inspiration.

Discover the heavy lifters, blackout, frames, backgrounds, circles, orbs, outlines, stripings, checks, teeny tiny betweens while dancing with posies and petals.

Add Expression Through Shade, Shadow, Highlights and Color: The Botanical Dance and Grounded Landscapes.

Discover how nature and photography can help fine tune your shading skills while learning how-to do pillow shading, create cast shadows, and grounded landscapes. Discover the magic of pen and tile color choices while dancing with Reeds & Weeds. Then pull it altogether with the dance of petals and leaves.

Introducing Sharla Hicks: Artist, Author, Certified Zentangle Teacher

Sharla crosses the boundaries of expressive artist, writer, painter, quilter, fiber, textile, mixed media, watercolor, collage, printmaking, and more. Her unique fusion of Mixed Media and Tangle Inspired Repetitive Patterning includes close attention to color, design, and composition that expresses her artistic voice.

Sharla is the author of Tangle-Inspired Botanicals, and trained under Zentangle®
Founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher aka CZT in 2011 & 2013. CZT training. The daily practice of Zentangle has had a profound effect on her discipline as an artist and her creative abilities.

Sharla’s current focus is offering the gift of Tangle Inspired Botanicals to others through lectures, workshops, and retreats. She includes basic Zentangle fundamentals and beyond as she facilitates her student’s journey to develop a personalized artistic voice as they create exciting Tangle & Mixed Media Inspired Art pieces.

For additional information regarding her Retreats & Classes visit her website: http://sharlahicks.com/