tsukineko all purpose inks workstation rustics

Rustics All Purpose Ink Workstation by Tsukineko 12 jars, 24 Fantastix, Acrylic Holder

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All Purpose Ink Workstation Kit

Included in each kit:

  • (12) 0.5 oz bottles
  • 12 Bullet-tipped Fantastix
  • 12 Brush-tipped Fantastix
  • Acrylic Fantastix stand

Rustic set includes the following colors:

  • 91 Black Iris
  • 92 Red Delicious
  • 93 Blue Bayou
  • 94 Heritage Pine
  • 97 Sedona Clay
  • 98 Vintage Wine
  • 52 Sand
  • 57 Ash Rose
  • 61 Burgundy
  • 62 Midnight Blue
  • 80 White
  • 82 Real Black

Tsukineko All Purpose Inks Workstations & Save $ Packages

Find kits and workstations packages that bring organization to your work space when using Tsukineko All-Purpose Inks (quick-drying craft ink.) fabric Artists, crafters, and scrapbookers love the water-based, non-toxic inks for their blendability, washability and versatility. Fun for artists of all ages. Use it on wood, paper, leather and other porous surfaces too. All-Purpose Ink must be heat set on fabric for permanence. Heat set between color applications to prevent bleeding. Or layer colors to achieve a blended "watercolor" effect.