wave edge ruler
Wave Edge Rulers  (Val $20) 16 x2 7/8  $18.00

Wave Edge Rulers (Val $20) 16 x2 7/8 $18.00

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WaveEdge Ruler

Item Code: 02c7Ruler
Designed by Lily Marie Amaru

Use the WaveEdge Ruler to make a beautiful contemporary quilt with help from the Wave Edge Quilt Patterns or Book (see below).

The Wave Edge Ruler is 16 inches in length, has undulating and varying sizes of curves which allow the user to create unique and personal designs for many different projects. Creating a WaveEdge Ruler quilt is easy.

Easily learn this technique, then go on to create quilts, vests, place mats, pillows and many other crafts. Make a beautiful contemporary quilt from a traditional pattern using the Wave Edge Ruler.