wavy squares design magic stencils

Wavy Squares, Design Magic Stencils, 2 Stencils (4 inch Positive / Negative Center Designs) 7x7 inch Square

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Wavy Squares
Design Magic™ Stencils
2 Stencils (Positive / Negative)

Each Stencil Size: 7" x 7" with 4" design center
MFG: Cedar Canyon Textiles
Made in the USA

Cedar Canyon Textile Stencils: Use with Shiva Paintstiks

Cedar Canyon Nature Inspired Textile Stencils are designed for quilters and fiber artist

Nature Stencils by Cedar Canyon Textiles

The Nature Inspired designs bring the design element of size variation to each stencil set. One stencil is block-size image and the other is a smaller variation. Most sets contain a border element designed for ease of machine quilting. Let your creativity and Shiva Paintstikstake over with these new designs.